Waldorf Astoria Naples Grande Beach Resort

The Waldorf Astoria Naples is not The Naples Grande Beach Resort, not by a long shot. We live in Naples Florida and stay at The Naples Grande Beach Resort once a year. That may sound odd to be staying at a hotel, in the same town that we live in, but the hotel offers our… Read More

Home Warranty

The bottom line is that when purchasing real estate in Naples Florida, a Home Warranty is well worth the cost. How many times have you heard of someone that just bought a new home and within days the dishwasher goes out, the garbage disposal breaks down, the air-conditioner stops operating. The natural inclination is to… Read More

Naples Art

Naples Florida is an Artsy Kind of Place Keeping up with a “not to be outdone” tradition, Naples’ art pioneers have woven a tapestry whose artistic fabric virtually covers the community. Culture can be found in every neighborhood of this charming city. Whether your taste runs from classical to avant-garde, from the glittering elegance of… Read More

Buying Homes Online

Above all else, the easiest way to find a new home, whether you are searching by price, builder or neighborhood amenities, is to bookmark the home page of the website you’re reading now and buy your home online. Anyone with a recent history of house hunting knows the drill: Get into the car, get out… Read More

Florida Greyhound Race Tracks

Greyhound Racing is called the “sport of queens”, and was favored by both Queen Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I. In pari-mutuel wagering, guests wager against other people who bet on different greyhounds during the race, as opposed to betting against the track. Those holding a winning ticket take a proportionate share of the total amount… Read More

Top Florida Zoos

Top Florida Zoos – Plan a day trip to one of Florida’s zoological parks If the kids are more trouble than a barrel of monkeys and you’re feeling a little caged up in your hotel room, it’s probably time to pay a visit to the local zoo. A popular attraction among tourists, Florida’s zoos not… Read More

House Junk

Why do we build bigger houses? The answer: to house more stuff. If you remember watching the George Carlin comedy special where he did a skit on “stuff’ and the accumulation of more “stuff.” You probably laughed at his sense of humor and the need to acquire more “stuff.” Yes, its funny, however in my… Read More

Florida Places to Stay

Visit Florida when it comes time to throw off the heavy mantle of winter and step away from the tedious work routine. Panama City Beach For a visit to the pristine, white sand beaches in Panama City Beach in Florida’s Panhandle on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you may select a one-, two-or… Read More

Florida Lighthouse Weddings

There are few spots more romantic than the historic lighthouses scattered throughout Florida. Lighthouses have traditionally been sources of comfort and welcome, their unwavering beams of light calling weary sailors home after a long journey at sea. Today, these pillars of strength and stability are part of a different kind of journey – one that… Read More

Florida Timeshare

Timeshare is a concept that allows vacationers to prepay their future holiday lodging at today’s prices, without the financial burden of owning an entire second home. If you’ve ever vacationed at a resort, whether you were on your honeymoon or simply enjoying a much-deserved holiday – you probably ran across those incredibly persuasive salespeople offering… Read More

Hurricane Preparation

Because of the Naples Florida area’s coastal location, hurricane information is in the news year-round in Southwest Florida. Hurricanes produce damaging winds, elevated sea levels (storm surges), flooding rains and tornadoes. They wreak havoc on coastlines, homes and lives. Hurricane Camille in 1969 dropped 27 inches of rain in fewer than six hours. Far and… Read More

Interior Designers Designation

One should not call yourself an Interior Designer in Florida unless you have passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) licensing test and also have a Florida license. ASID, the acronym for American Society of Interior Designers, may be used only by interior designers who meet specific requirements. It has two categories: *… Read More

Collier County recycling

Collier County’s recycling program involves both commercial and residential participation.   Items collected for recycling include: Newspapers Place dry newspapers in the recycle bin. Cans Rinse tin, steel or aluminum cans before placing them in the recycle bin. You do not have to remove labels. Do not place any scrap metal or such items as… Read More

Shopping areas in Naples Florida

From designer boutiques and specialty department stores to state-of-the-art grocery and drug stores, Naples offers shops to fit almost any personality. Some of these centers are listed below. Imperial Square: U.S. 41, North Naples. Specialty stores, dining. Wal-Mart: 122,383-square-foot store on the northwest corner of U.S. 41 N. and Immokalee Road, and a store at… Read More

Pelican Bay Beach Facilities

  Pelican Bay Beach Facilities, Berms, Boardwalk and Pelican Bay Parks. Pelican Bay Beach Facilities Pelican Bay beach facilities are located at the end of each boardwalk. The south boardwalk entrance is at the Commons. The north boardwalk entrance is at the SandPiper parking lot entrance in the 6800 block of Pelican Bay Blvd. at… Read More

Naples Florida Guide

Naples Florida Guide is a brief summary of things to do and see in Collier County. Collier County Shopping Guide Naples Florida is a shopper’s paradise with price ranges from every taste. The newly redeveloped Fifth Avenue Naples and Third Street Naples lure browsers and buyers alike to dozens of specialty and antique shops, art… Read More

Naples Florida Architects

Naples Florida Architects, Collier County real estate and home-buyers. Collier County homes exist in every price range and location, while model and speculative homes often secreted away in amenity-laden gated communities push interior design, landscaping and architectural detailing to new levels. All these give buyers the chance to walk through and experience the look and… Read More

Arts and Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment in Collier County and Lee County The Philharmonic Center for the arts brings world-class shows and entertainers to Naples Florida, particularly through the fall and winter. The Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers offers a similar lineup. Both halls have their own symphony orchestras and choruses. The sprawling Estero… Read More

Naples Florida Condos