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Public, Charter and Private Schools in Southwest Florida

Public, Charter and Private Schools in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida has some of the best public schools in the state. When looking for residential real estate, many families with school-age children need to be aware if their school district is a zone or school choice. In the case of Lee County, residents have school choice, so the location of their home within the county is not one of the most important determining factors. Conversely, Collier County has zones for all public schools from K – 12. If attending a specific school, or avoiding one, is important, your agent must educate you on the different school zones with respect to real estate, and the possibility of future rezoning as the county expands.

If your family has decided to enroll your children in private school, Naples has several incredible options, both parochial and non-parochial. If this is the case, you can search for homes anywhere without the restriction of school zones.

Both Collier and Lee Counties are continually opening up Charter Schools. Charter Schools are public schools and do not charge tuition fees, they operate autonomously through charters or agreements with the state or local governments. They have more flexibility with designing their curriculum and how to deliver it. They can also tailor their academic focus and discipline policies based on how the governing board envisions their path. Some charter schools have more of a focus on STEM, the arts, or sustainability, the biggest point is – parents and families have a choice.

Collier County Charter Schools

Lee County Charter Schools

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