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Looking for a new construction home? Southwest Florida is growing and there are many new developments that are in the planning process and are not yet available to the public. Here we share the plans for new communities which are in the preliminary stages of planning through to selling of homes. The local new home market has changed in the last several years; instead of walking into a sales office and picking out a lot and a house style, many developers are now using the lottery system.

The lottery system allows you to put your name down for a lottery drawing for a specific number of lot releases. On a specified date, names are randomly selected; the first person would get to choose from among the lots being released. They have the option of having the first choice of those available and then they could move on to the home purchase. If none of the lots were satisfactory, that person could just wait until the next lottery drawing, there is nothing to lose. The next name is drawn, and they would get to select from the remaining lots. This process keeps going until all the released lots are sold. Anyone who did not accept the lots that were available or who did not get selected can go into the drawing for the next release, which could be one to three months away.

When purchasing a new construction home in a community, you should ALWAYS have your personal Realtor with you – do not walk in without one. The salespeople are lovely and knowledgeable, but they are there to sell the developers’ homes, not watch out for your best interest. Contrary to what you may have heard, you will not get “a better deal” if you do not have representation. Developers build sales commissions into their budgets, what they do not use, they keep, and they do not pass these savings on to the buyer. Your Realtor is there for your protection and to also give you guidance going through the process, all the way to the final walk-through. We know what to look for and we know what common mistakes builders make that a buyer will not be looking for. This alone is an invaluable service that a Realtor provides.

Below is a list of new construction communities in varying stages of development. If any of these are of interest, please contact me and I will get you additional information, set up an appointment to tour the models, or put you on a notification list for the future when the developers release more information.

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