Palm Island Resort

Discover a tropical island retreat on Palm Island Imagine a tropical island getaway that combines exotic flora and native wildlife with warm gulf breezes and shell-laden beaches. There are no cars, the beaches aren’t crowded and the sunsets are spectacular. Time stands still at Palm Island Resort, located off Florida’s central west coast due north… Read More

Setting up a new Southwest Florida Business

So you’ve decided to start your own business or expand into Southwest Florida. Need to know what’s required of you legally? Confused about how to set up your company? Want to ensure that you won’t get a fine for violating county rules? Our handy guide puts confusion to rest. Select the Structure The business start-up… Read More

Enjoyable Day in Naples Florida

My granddaughter and I left on an early morning flight and were comfortably settled on the beach at the luxurious La Playa Beach Resort in Naples Florida by eleven. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky and the warmth of the sun soon lulled me to sleep. I woke to the… Read More

Florida Botanical Gardens

Gardens instantly evoke memories of childhood. A time of innocence told in nursery rhymes, playful images and nurturing reminiscences. Do you remember a time when life was carefree, pure and exhilarating? The healing power of a garden is undeniable. Its vivid surroundings will feed your imagination and its fragrance will inflame your soul. Recapture a… Read More

Natural wonders of Florida

Want to experience Florida naturally and get away from the daily grind in Naples Florida? The natural wonders of Florida are areas accessible to the avid cyclist or hiking enthusiast and just miles away from Naples. Whether you are a weekend athlete or a fitness guru, you’re sure to find a great getaway that is… Read More

Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Sweat beaded down my arms and dripped wildly off my fingers. The warm breeze was cooling me while I watched the mullet dance under my float. The tide was running quick at the pass by Seven-Mile Bridge and it seemed like hours since the first hook up. Even my shirt was starting to get wet… Read More

Travel Car Insurance

Your flights, hotel and car are booked for your trip to Florida. Bags are packed. You remembered the sunscreen, bathing suits and sunglasses. You haven’ t missed a trick, or have you? Have you taken out any additional travel insurance? You don’t think you need it, after all, you are probably covered through work or… Read More

Olde Marco Inn and Suites

Steeped in history, rich in the ambiance of old Florida style architecture and set in a quiet tropical locale, the Olde Marco Island Inn and Suites makes for a beautiful getaway. The tranquil waters and sun-washed beaches of Marco Island provide the perfect backdrop for the Olde Marco Inn and Suites where you will find… Read More

Naples to Bonita Golf Courses

You are not going to believe the golfing in Southwest Florida. You could golf on a different course each week, every week of the year and never golf the same course twice. They are masterpieces of ingenuity and design. The developers have taken extra steps to preserve the naturalness of the area and present the… Read More

Visit Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club

A visit to the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club is like putting on a new pair of fine Italian shoes – there is a special feeling that usually only comes with new shoes and the Naples Beach Hotel has it! The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club is one of southwest Florida’s most prestigious… Read More

Best Surfing Beaches in Florida

Florida is known as a haven for all water sports but the best surfing beaches are found on the northeast coast between Jacksonville and Cocoa Beach where the breakers roll in from the Atlantic. Here, the business of surfing is taken seriously, with regular, planned activities and surf schools where you can learn the art… Read More

Cape Canaveral NASA Trip

The road trip from Naples Florida to Cape Canaveral will take 4 hours and is a 250 mile trip. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Even before astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered those famous first words as he set foot on the moon, man has always been fascinated with space, and… Read More

Estero River Canoe Trip

Area canoeing and kayaking trips offer a carefree day on the water for paddlers of all experience levels. An Estero River canoe trip might reveal an otter diving into the water, egrets wading along the shore, and turtles or maybe even a young alligator basking in the sunlight. Tarpon have been known to swim upstream… Read More

Mound Key Archaeological State Park

Archaeologists remark on the unusual nature of a highly complex civilization NOT agriculturally based, but in South Florida, home of the Calusa, the estuary was a powerful life force. Even 100 years ago, fishermen and sportsmen reported bountiful hauls with little effort. Back in 100 BC, the earliest dated record of the Calusa on Mound… Read More

Where does Gov Rick Scott live

Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, lives in the luxury, coastal, Port Royal community in Naples Florida at 3150 Gordon Drive, Naples Fl 34102. Collier County Tax records show that the home is owned by Scott, Richard L & F Annette, Rick Scott’s wife. The multi-million dollar home in 2014 was valued as follows: 3150 Gordon… Read More

Naples Homes Arts and Entertainment

Consider well Naples’ reputation as Southwest Florida’s cultural epicenter. Monied Neapolitans support virtually every art form with a flourish. Educated elegance is the way of life here. From felicitous boulevard medians to high-style metropolitan symphonies, you know you’ve arrived. Celebrated performers, award-winning Broadway shows, children’s theatre, renown American dance troupes and international ballet companies are… Read More

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Naples begins June 1 and lasts until Nov. 30. While Southwest Florida is fortunate to have been spared from any major storms recently, the area has felt fringe effects – mostly rain – of many passing storms. If you are visiting the area during the summer or early fall, bring an umbrella…. Read More

The Founding of Naples

In 1890, you could have bought the entire town of Naples for $50,000. But the stripped down model included only a scattering of homes around the pier and a 16-room hotel. What would eventually become the City of Naples got its start in 1886 when 10 land speculators gathered in Tallahassee to form the Naples… Read More

What a great place to call home

People have chosen to make Southwest Florida their home since before the Old World ever found the New. But there’s no denying that living in Collier County has grown exponentially more attractive during the past quarter century. Things like air conditioning and mosquito control have rolled back the natural barriers that stood between the Southwest… Read More

Naples and Marco Island

Naples Florida South of Lee Island Coast is Collier County, the region of southwest Florida where you’ll find the famous resort town of Naples. This historical town is a posh, refined community known for its unique juxtaposition of civilization and nature. In Naples, you can canoe through Everglades estuaries in the morning, attend a British-style… Read More

Waldorf Astoria Naples Grande Beach Resort

The Waldorf Astoria Naples is not The Naples Grande Beach Resort, not by a long shot. We live in Naples Florida and stay at The Naples Grande Beach Resort once a year. That may sound odd to be staying at a hotel, in the same town that we live in, but the hotel offers our… Read More

Home Warranty

The bottom line is that when purchasing real estate in Naples Florida, a Home Warranty is well worth the cost. How many times have you heard of someone that just bought a new home and within days the dishwasher goes out, the garbage disposal breaks down, the air-conditioner stops operating. The natural inclination is to… Read More

Naples Art

Naples Florida is an Artsy Kind of Place Keeping up with a “not to be outdone” tradition, Naples’ art pioneers have woven a tapestry whose artistic fabric virtually covers the community. Culture can be found in every neighborhood of this charming city. Whether your taste runs from classical to avant-garde, from the glittering elegance of… Read More

Buying Homes Online

Above all else, the easiest way to find a new home, whether you are searching by price, builder or neighborhood amenities, is to bookmark the home page of the website you’re reading now and buy your home online. Anyone with a recent history of house hunting knows the drill: Get into the car, get out… Read More

Florida Greyhound Race Tracks

Greyhound Racing is called the “sport of queens”, and was favored by both Queen Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I. In pari-mutuel wagering, guests wager against other people who bet on different greyhounds during the race, as opposed to betting against the track. Those holding a winning ticket take a proportionate share of the total amount… Read More

Top Florida Zoos

Top Florida Zoos – Plan a day trip to one of Florida’s zoological parks If the kids are more trouble than a barrel of monkeys and you’re feeling a little caged up in your hotel room, it’s probably time to pay a visit to the local zoo. A popular attraction among tourists, Florida’s zoos not… Read More

House Junk

Why do we build bigger houses? The answer: to house more stuff. If you remember watching the George Carlin comedy special where he did a skit on “stuff’ and the accumulation of more “stuff.” You probably laughed at his sense of humor and the need to acquire more “stuff.” Yes, its funny, however in my… Read More

Florida Places to Stay

Visit Florida when it comes time to throw off the heavy mantle of winter and step away from the tedious work routine. Panama City Beach For a visit to the pristine, white sand beaches in Panama City Beach in Florida’s Panhandle on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you may select a one-, two-or… Read More

Florida Lighthouse Weddings

There are few spots more romantic than the historic lighthouses scattered throughout Florida. Lighthouses have traditionally been sources of comfort and welcome, their unwavering beams of light calling weary sailors home after a long journey at sea. Today, these pillars of strength and stability are part of a different kind of journey – one that… Read More

Florida Timeshare

Timeshare is a concept that allows vacationers to prepay their future holiday lodging at today’s prices, without the financial burden of owning an entire second home. If you’ve ever vacationed at a resort, whether you were on your honeymoon or simply enjoying a much-deserved holiday – you probably ran across those incredibly persuasive salespeople offering… Read More