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Mercato in North Naples Florida

Whether in the mood for dining, shopping, movies or entertainment, Mercato offers all of this, including fabulous condominiums and single-family homes. Less than 2 miles from the crystal blue water of the Gulf of Mexico and the sandy white be...

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Naples Homes Arts and Entertainment

Consider well Naples' reputation as Southwest Florida's cultural epicenter.

Monied Neapolitans support virtually every art form with a flourish. Educated elegance is the way of life here. From felicitous boulevard medians to high-style m...

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The Founding of Naples

In 1890, you could have bought the entire town of Naples for $50,000. But the stripped down model included only a scattering of homes around the pier and a 16-room hotel. What would eventually become the City of Naples got its start in 1886...

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What a great place to call home

People have chosen to make Southwest Florida their home since before the Old World ever found the New. But there's no denying that living in Collier County has grown exponentially more attractive during the past quarter century.

Things lik...

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