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Naples Florida Builders and homeowners are choosing Green Eco-friendly options to save money

Naples Florida Builders and homeowners are choosing Green Eco-friendly options to save money

Eco-friendly Green Construction Naples Florida

People in Naples Florida are starting to get it as increases in environmentally friendly residential construction continues nationwide.

The concept has gained ground, as contractors understand that the costs are not prohibitive and buyers realize that building green helps the environment while creating healthier homes and heftier bank accounts.

Naples Florida homebuyers have a wide array of green options to consider.

Some, like high-efficiency air conditioners and energy-saving lighting, will save money in the long run. Others, like healthier paints, can contribute to an improvement in the quality of life. Outside, the appropriate landscaping saves water.

The evolution from an unaware to an environmentally conscious buyer has been fostered by a variety of factors, but one of the most effective has been the developers and builders who have educated themselves and promote green options to their clients.

Using recycled drywall and renewable materials in Naples Florida construction, is good for the environment, and paints and carpeting made with fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) are also healthy choices, he adds. As a bonus, energy-efficient products can save homeowners money in the long run.

The experts agree that green building features will be an attractive selling tool for resale because they give owners the satisfaction that they are helping preserve natural resources and appeal to their desires to live healthy and save money.

While Naples Florida homeowners with large assets can afford green options, the less affluent might be more inclined to adopt green ways if incentives were more available.

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