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Town of Big Cypress | The New Southwest Florida Development

Town of Big Cypress | The New Southwest Florida Development

Town of Big Cypress

Looking for a new house? A new neighborhood? A new town? Well, Collier Enterprises has just gone public with their plans to develop a self-sustaining town with three different planned villages. The Town of Big Cypress will not only bring businesses, shops and restaurants to these neighborhoods, but will generate over 6,000 new jobs. Collier Enterprises will also preserve more than 12,000 acres to ensure that the habitats of wildlife will be protected. They are partnering with the Florida Wildlife Federation, Florida Panther Protection Program, the Audubon Society, and the Defenders of Wildlife to make sure the welfare of the environment is taken into consideration when developing the Town of Big Cypress.

Residents who live at the current eastern edge of Collier County will also benefit from the many commercial businesses that will put down roots in the TOBC. The Town and the villages, named, Rivergrass, Longwater, and Bellar, will generate over $67 million to fund road improvements in Collier County, and to expand services such as schools, parks, police and fire protection. The villages will also provide affordable housing in southwest Florida, something that has eluded so many people in the past several years. It is anticipated that there will be more than 8,300 residences, including acreage set aside for nearly 900 affordable housing units.

To be kept up to date on the progress of the Town of Big Cypress, including ground-breaking, and property availability, contact me to be placed on the email list. Linda Ginsberg 239.404.4222.

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