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Naples Florida Architects

Naples Florida Architects

Naples Florida Architects

Collier County homes exist in every price range and location, while model and speculative homes often secreted away in amenity-laden gated communities push interior design, landscaping and architectural detailing to new levels. All these give buyers the chance to walk through and experience the look and feel of their potential castle with nothing left to the imagination.

For some purchasers, however, existing homes might not feel quite right. They want something more personal that better reflects their lifestyles. Enter the architect, who can weave space into more than just walls and a roof overhead. Think of an architect as a personal problem solver, an artist who can create a dream home tailored specifically to your needs.

Deciding to enlist the services of a Naples Florida architect, finding one, and working well through the long, drawn-out process (often extending a year or two) can be daunting. But the end result can prove well worth the time and effort.

While state law mandates the use of an architect under certain circumstances (homes larger than 5,000 square feet and additions or modifications to homes along the coastal construction line, for instance), an architect’s services can benefit even the smallest project by minimizing builder and construction costs-and headaches. A Naples Florida architect’s involvement can be as encompassing or as limited as the homeowner desires, from simply drawing up home plans or consulting with a homeowner on existing blueprints to guiding the entire process from site selection to home design, construction and completion. Remember, an architect is the homeowner’s representative in the building process.

A good Naples Florida architect is a listener, a communicator, a liaison between owner and builder, a guiding hand, the person who can translate dreams to paper and a finished product. In short, an architect is superman or superwoman, capable of leaping tall buildings-or at least designing a great home.

Through a public records request, the state Division of Business and Professional Regulation can let a client know if a prospective architect has been reprimanded. Industry awards are indicative of how an architect is looked upon by peers.

Finding an architect can be as simple as scanning the Yellow Pages or asking friends whose homes you admire. Word of mouth is often the best reference.

Once hired, a Naples Florida architect should sit down with clients and discuss lifestyle, needs, dreams and desires. Homeowners will often be asked to complete an extensive survey that delves into how they use their home, their expectations and their wish list.

Early decisions should also include others involved in the process-builder, interior designers and landscape architects. Assembling the team early helps to identify and eliminate potential problems.

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