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Home Warranty

Home Warranty

The bottom line is that when purchasing real estate in Naples Florida, a Home Warranty is well worth the cost.

How many times have you heard of someone that just bought a new home and within days the dishwasher goes out, the garbage disposal breaks down, the air-conditioner stops operating. The natural inclination is to accuse the seller of knowing about the problem and concealing it. What could have taken a couple of hundred dollars to fix gets blown out of proportion. Attorneys are called in and the parties square off.

There is no substitute on getting an inspection of your property before buying it. But even with the best-qualified inspectors checking everything in a home, things still break down. The answer that I strongly recommend is a home warranty.

About 50 percent of homes sold across the country include a warranty agreement. Many Realtors believe that properties listed for sale with warranty coverage sell faster and for higher prices. The seller can buy a warranty while the house is for sale making it a feature for the buyer. It gives a certain amount of comfort to a buyer to know that their potential home would have appliances, etc. covered in case something goes wrong.

Standard Home Warranty contracts cover the home’s plumbing, heating and electrical systems as well as most built-in appliances and water heaters. Some even cover garage-door openers, washers, dryers and refrigerators, among other things. A rough estimate for a one-year warranty could possibly cost $360 to $390, with a $35 to $50 deductible per service call. About 40 percent of homeowners renew their contract after the first year, and 60 percent continue to renew.

Ask your Naples Florida real estate agent about the warranty plan they offer or suggest. It is definitely well worth the money and your consideration.

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