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Florida Places to Stay

Florida Places to Stay

Florida Places to Stay

Visit Florida when it comes time to throw off the heavy mantle of winter and step away from the tedious work routine.

Panama City Beach

For a visit to the pristine, white sand beaches in Panama City Beach in Florida’s Panhandle on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you may select a one-, two-or three-bedroom suite at the Landmark Holiday Beach Resort, a one- or two-bedroom at Ocean Towers Beach Club, or a one bedroom or efficiency at Panama City Resort and Club. All of these accommodations boast fully equipped kitchens, private balconies, heated pools, barbecue grills and a number of other amenities. Kick back in the quiet privacy of a luxury suite or find pleasant solitude on the beach near the surf under a warm, blue southern sky. For swimmers, strollers, diners, bikers and shoppers, everything is here for your pleasure.

Tampa Bay/ Sarasota

Coast south to the Tampa Bay/ Sarasota area. Close offshore lies 71/2- mile-long Anna Maria Island, where you will find two great resorts in charming beachside locations. Resort Sixty-Six and Via Roma Beach Resort have excellent facilities for contributing comfort to your vacation and experienced staff to guide you to full enjoyment of the many attractive island features.

Shell Island Beach Club, Sanibel Beach Club II and Lighthouse Resort and Club are on the eastern end near the famous lighthouse and the popular fishing pier. Along quiet East Gulf Drive the Surfrider Beach Club, Tortuga Beach Club and Sanibel Beach Club I occupy beautiful gulf front locations. Further toward the western end of the island are the Casa Ybel Resort, Pine Cove of Sanibel and Caribe Beach Resort.

The people on staff at these resorts will cheerfully help you find your way to the many island attractions, shops, museums, galleries, restaurants, bike paths, nature trails and theatres. Perhaps best of all, you’ll enjoy beautiful sand beaches with some of the best shelling in the world, and the broad reaches of the gulf, open to sailing, boating, and fishing.

Ft. Myers

Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, in the vicinity of Ft. Myers, protecting the bays and estuaries and Charlotte Harbor, in the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, lie the barrier islands. These include Estero Island, more popularly known as Ft. Myers Beach, on which Bluegreen offers Beach Club I, Mariner’s Boathouse, Tropical Sands Resort, Windward Passage Resort, Bel-Air Beach Club, Caribbean Beach Club, Seawatch on the Bay, Estero Island Beach Club, and just south of Estero, Bonita Beach Resort and Club.

Key West

Head on down to Key West for the utmost in snorkeling, diving and fishing. Experience a good taste of the unique Keys atmosphere from your handsomely appointed one- or two-bedroom suite at Ocean Pointe on the southern end of Key Largo.

As the gulf stream rounds the southern end of Florida and flows north into the Atlantic, the vastness of that great ocean will enthrall swimmers, surfers and fisherman, as well as those soaking up the sun in relaxed serenity along the strands that stretch up the east coast.

Daytona Beach

The Dolphin Beach Club and Fantasy Island Resort II in Daytona Beach, close to the International Speedway, and
Outrigger Beach Club a few miles north in Ormond Beach are endowed with miles of beach, jetties and piers. Enjoy sweeping views of the Atlantic, the ocean traffic, fishermen at work and myriad offshore pleasure craft, and always the ceaseless waves and surging tides.


Not far from the sands and waters and the lure of the beaches, inland toward the center of Florida, is another wonderland in the city of Orlando, where the host of theme parks, entertainment, exhibits and activities have made it one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

Orlando’s Sunshine Resort and brand new Orlando’s Sunshine Resort II both offer spacious two-bedroom luxury vacation suites decorated in handsome tropical style. These resorts are located just off International Drive, a whisper away from Orlando’s most popular attractions. Orlando’s Sunshine Resorts offer all the amenities and comforts you’ll wish for after a day at the parks or an evening out on the town, from the pool, sauna and tennis courts, to the private whirlpool in each master suite.

Create lasting memories as you explore the exhibits, museums, preserves and reservations, as well as the beaches, the sea, the bays and coves, natural and man-made reefs. Enjoy fishing and boating in the Gulf and in the Atlantic, or indulge in the delicious dining and shopping opportunities that abound. All that Florida has to offer is yours for the taking.

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