2422 Indian Pipe Way Naples Fl 34105 #47790000881

Property Summary 2422 Indian Pipe Way Naples Fl 34105

This Single Family property in Naples Florida in the Grey Oaks Unit Two subdivision with Parcel Number 47790000881 and Legal Description being Grey Oaks Unit Two Lot 6 has according to Collier County Property Appraiser's database a Market Value of $3,619,182. The owner of the property at 2422 Indian Pipe Way Naples Fl 34105 is shown as Carini, Peter J & Carol A . This information should not be relied upon by anyone as a determination of the ownership of property or its market value. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the positional or thematic accuracy of the data herein, its use, or its interpretation. Although it is periodically updated, this information may not reflect the data currently on file in the Property Appraiser's office. Please read our Website Disclaimer.
Parcel ID
Property Type
Single Family
Grey Oaks Unit Two
Market Value
Property Listed For Sale
Present Owner
Carini, Peter J & Carol A
Legal Description
Grey Oaks Unit Two Lot 6
Property Address
2422 Indian Pipe Way Naples Fl 34105
Collier County
Zip Code
Total Acreage

Historic Property Sales

Date Sold
Price Sold
2004-06-29 $ 950,000
2007-08-07 $ 4,861,300
2009-10-27 $ 0
2018-03-29 $ 4,850,000

Market Values and Ownership

Market Value
2006 $807,690 Ldg G06 Llc
2007 $680,160 Schreier, Bradley & Marjorie
2008 $3,192,792 Schreier, Bradley & Marjorie
2009 $2,815,483 Schreier, Bradley & Marjorie
2010 $2,504,622 Schreier, Bradley J
2011 $2,484,618 Schreier, Bradley J
2012 $2,464,612 Schreier, Bradley J
2013 $2,531,044 Schreier, Bradley J
2014 $2,692,902 Schreier, Bradley J
2015 $2,764,373 Schreier, Bradley J
2016 $3,106,133 Schreier, Bradley J
2017 $3,150,664 Carini, Peter J & Carol A
2018 $3,619,182 Carini, Peter J & Carol A

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The source of 2422 Indian Pipe Way Naples Fl 34105, PID #47790000881 Public Information is from the Collier County Property Appraiser's office database for Public use. We provide no warranties expressed or implied for the accuracy of the data shown. We show just one source of 'Market Value' and suggest you look at several sources to get the best idea of the Real Estate Market Value. The real estate data shown is periodically updated but may not be current. Please read the blog post; 'Do You want to be Removed from Public Records' which offers some tips on getting your issues resolved. We do not have and cannot provide phone numbers for the owners or any Home Owners Association.

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