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The Town of Big Cypress | 3 Villages Introduced | Collier County Naples Florida

The Town of Big Cypress | 3 Villages Introduced | Collier County Naples Florida

The Town of Big Cypress

Interested in buying a home in the new Town of Big Cypress in Naples Florida? The three different villages that will make up the Town of Big Cypress will have something for everyone.

Longwater is proposed to be a neighborhood of 2,600 homes, with a variety of housing types. The price range will be geared toward new families, essential workers, and retirees. Longwater will also boast an active lifestyle, with 10-foot multi-use pathways on one side of the scenic road, a 6-foot sidewalk on the other and 4-foot bike lanes within the street.

Within Longwater will be the Village Center, offering small retail, office, and civic uses. Access to the nearby village of Rivergrass will enable convenient access among both community’s amenities. Ample nature viewing platforms will be erected throughout the community providing viewing access to the hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat.

Rivergrass will be comprised of 2,500 single and multi-family homes. This community is geared toward essential workers, and through the generosity of Collier Enterprises, they will offer up to $25,000 toward down payment assistance to those who qualify. Within Rivergrass, residents will have access to health and wellness facilities, walkways, 18-hole golf course, waterfront and preserve view homes. Of course, neighborhood shopping, retail and restaurants will allow residents to stay close to home.

Bellmar Village will include 2,750 single family homes, townhomes, and villas, all connected by roads with 10-foot multi-use pathways, sidewalks, and bike lanes. The Village Center will include such daily necessities such as grocery and hardware stores, hair and nail salons, and village shops. The Village Amenity Center is geared to be a family-based destination with parks, picnic areas, pool, sports, and lots of green space. Also proposed for this community is an elementary school, an absolute convenience for families with small children.

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