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Pelican Bay Beach Facilities

Pelican Bay Beach Facilities

Pelican Bay Beach Facilities

Pelican Bay Beach Facilities

Pelican Bay Beach Facilities, Berms, Boardwalk and Pelican Bay Parks.

Pelican Bay Beach Facilities

Pelican Bay beach facilities are located at the end of each boardwalk. The south boardwalk entrance is at the Commons. The north boardwalk entrance is at the SandPiper parking lot entrance in the 6800 block of Pelican Bay Blvd. at the western-most corner of the parking lot. Beach side pavillons provide food and beverage service, deck areas, and restrooms with showers and dressing areas. Pelican Bay has access to almost three miles of beach.

The Berms and Boardwalks

Two berms separate Pelican Bay upland areas from its estuaries and bays. They serve three purposes: restricting rainwater runoff from entering conservation areas, acting as roadways for trams serving the beaches, and providing a path for walkers, joggers, bikers and skaters. Bikers and skaters must travel at safe speeds. Berms are only open to members and their guests.

Canoes and Sailboats

The Foundation provides both canoes and sailboats for members’ use. Canoes are at a canoe dock on the north boardwalk . Reservations are required for the canoes and may be made at the Foundation Community Center. Sailboats are provided for use on the Gulf of Mexico to Pelican Bay Sailing Club Members. Membership is for experienced sailors who are 18 years of age or older. The annual fee is $25.00.

Parks and Nature Trails

The Pelican Bay Foundation has four parks for member use, each providing various amenities.

The Pelican Bay Commons : South Tennis Center, Horseshoe and Shuffleboard, South Berm Entrance, Hammock Oak Park.

Pelican Bay North Tennis Facility : Foundation Community Center, Horseshoe and Shuffleboard, Oakmont Park.

Pelican Bay Lake and walking trails : Playground area, Ridgewood Park.

The Pelican Bay lakes, docks, walking trails and picnic area are private property, but the Pelican Bay beach is a public beach.

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