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Buying a For Sale By Owner Home

Buying a For Sale By Owner Home

Buying a Naples Florida FSBO can be frustrating because sellers are usually uninformed homeowners that think they know enough to handle everything up to closing.

There is one main reason people try to sell a house on their own: To save money on the realtor sales commission. They go it alone thinking that the process is easy when it isn’t always. Here are some tips for the buyer when dealing with For Sale By Owner properties.

Owners are in most cases not real estate agents and if they are they should inform you early in the process. Offensive, invasive, negative questions or comments could upset the seller. Make complements and keep the seller on your side and remember the style of the home is entirely their doing, not yours.

Closing the deal with the seller as quickly and easily as possible is always the best approach for attaining the best purchase price. This fast and effortless transaction favors most sellers so use it to your advantage.

Explain to the seller that you have your own attorney or title company arranged for quick and effortless closing, so it is less for them to worry about.

For Sale By Owner homes have usually incurred advertising costs so you may want to ask how much it had cost them to date. Remind them that a quick sale would make it cheaper for them without a continuation of their advertising campaign.

If the owners do not come to an agreement, call them back, talk as long as you can on the phone and go back to the house as often as possible. This will not only show that you’re interested in the property, but it will surely tire the seller of the many hassles in selling their own home.

I would always encourage you to hire an attorney when dealing with any real estate purchase. The cost is the same as the closing fees, so call around before you start house hunting. Give the attorney a copy of the contract before signing or agreeing to anything.

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