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One should not call yourself an Interior Designer in Florida unless you have passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) licensing test and also have a Florida license.

ASID, the acronym for American Society of Interior Designers, may be used only by interior designers who meet specific requirements. It has two categories:

* Professional: A designer who reaches this level has successfully completed a six-part professional examination administered by the NCIDQ. The examination is comparable to an attorney’s or accountant’s board exams and, said Kolar, deals with things like drafting, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, perspectives, codes, history of interior design and art history. This professional may use ASID after his or her name and has been issued a national certification number. The certification card carries the words “This individual has satisfied eligibility requirements of the NCIDQ through successful completion of the Council’s certification examination.”

* Allied: To qualify for allied designation, a person must have a combination of education and related work experience totaling at least six years. The word “allied” must appear with ASID.

A third group, also ASID, was grandfathered in when the testing requirements were introduced in the mid-1970s.

To qualify for a Florida license, a candidate must have completed the section of NCIDQ testing that involves barrier-free (handicap) provisions. The state-issued license bears a number different from the ASID professional certification.

IDS indicates membership in the Interior Design Society but does not indicate qualifications.

The national headquarters of the American Society of Interior Designers has a network of information available. For printed information, call 1-202-546-3480. The organization also operates a referral service; the caller will be asked a series of questions, then receives a list of ASID professionals in the area who most closely match the requirements. For residential help, call 1-800-775-ASID; for commercial projects, call 1-800-610-ASID.