Do You want to be Removed from Public Records and Search Engines

Get Me off Your WebsiteThe Market Value and Public Record Information for your Collier County property information on is from the public record database of Collier County Property Appraiser. There are many public websites that show your public information, which is not uncommon with Florida’s public record laws. Naples Area Board of Realtors NABOR has also shown this public record information.

The purpose and intent is to show potential buyers and sellers of real estate in our area at least one reliable source of market values. While many other sources of Market Values may exist, like Zillow Market Values as a well known example, they should be investigated as well to give you the best idea of value for the property in question. Collier County Property Appraisers has a staff that are available to discuss your issues, while most other online sources offering Market Values do not or have little to no knowledge of how the Market Value information was formulated for the property in question. likely shows your property information if you look under their ‘SEARCH DATABASE’ section.

Do You want to be Removed from Public Records? What can you do?
Firstly you should contact Collier County Property Appraiser requesting your information be removed from their records and if its removed let me know because I can update my database and remove you from my website. Contacting me first will not help you because the database is updated from their master records (which should never be tampered with) and will restore whatever changes I make on my own website. The data shown on this website is a full database collection and should not be tampered with and changes should only be made by the Collier County Property Appraiser. Asking me to remove your public record information from my website is asking me to tamper with public records and their master database on my website, which I will not do as I fear that it maybe illegal.

If you are in law enforcement there is a good chance Collier County Property Appraiser will remove you from their website and database. Only removing your information from Collier County Property Appraiser will ensure it does not again show on websites like mine.

If you are concerned about Search Engines like Google or Bing showing your information in their unpaid search results, please contact those Search Engines with your concerns. I do not pay any Search Engine to promote this type of information. Search Engine bots crawl my website daily, completely on their own accord, looking for content to display on their websites.

The public information database of Collier County Property Appraiser is used by several public websites and the results show in most search engines.

Read up on Florida Sunshine Law: The Florida Sunshine Law, established in 1995, is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to the public records of government bodies in Florida.


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